First day back at school

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Today was my first day back at school . I was so excited because I would get to see all my friends . Although I would hardly ever get to see my best friends orly ,lily and johanna (especially not johanna as she moved to jermany ). Actually I am going to be going camping with her . YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!princessespost

I’m back



I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post for a while i’ve just been really busy getting ready  for christmas . Is it just me or is it starting to get christmassy .



from connie xx

Best camping trip ever

Yesterday I went camping with my best friends forever . We went camping at WOWO ! I saw my friend johanna who moved to Germany last YEAR . Every day we went into the massive woods where we made den’s , played games and did mountain climbing . There were stepping stones in a big muddy river where we went everyday to make mud clay . On our last day we got stuck in a death trail were there was quick sinking sand and all of us got stuck on a mountain above it .

I hope you enjoyed reading

bye from Connie